concrete pavementLast month, we briefly discussed commercial concrete pavement and its strength and durability, as well as its many other benefits. Today, we’re going to go a little more in depth on the subject of concrete pavement.

The first thing you should know is that there are different types of concrete pavement; these include:

  • Plain Pavements with Dowels – uses dowels to provide load transfer and prevent faulting
  • Plain Pavements without Dowels – aggregate interlock transfers loads across joints and prevents faulting
  • Conventionally Reinforced Pavements – contain steel reinforcement and use dowels in contraction joints
  • Continuously Reinforced Pavements – have no contraction joints and are reinforced with continuous longitudinal steel

The type of project you are completing and its exact uses will determine which kind of concrete pavement would be best.

Historical Concrete Pavement

The first street to ever use concrete pavement in the United States was Main Street in Bellefontaine, Ohio, which was completed in 1891. The paving of Main Street worked out so well that they decided to pave the rest of the streets surrounding the courthouse with concrete also. Court Avenue is still paved with the original concrete pavement and is still in full use today – 125 years later!

There’s clearly a reason why concrete pavement is used in all four corners of the United States, and that reason is because of its durability and longevity; it can withstand the freezing temperature of the north as well as the sweltering temperatures of the south for many years. The same cannot be said for other paving materials.

Pavement Comparison

Stamped concrete is another concrete paving material that offers benefits over other types of pavement. Let’s compare stamped concrete to asphalt, since asphalt is one of the most common paving materials.

Available in an Array of Patterns and Colors
Longevity and Performance
Speed of Installation
Ability to Customize
Special Maintenance Requirements
Average Cost per Square Foot Installed
Annual seal coating
$2 to $2.50
Stamped Concrete
Resealing every few years
$8 to $20

While asphalt might be faster and cheaper to install, concrete pavement wins out in all other comparisons and those other benefits will more than make up for the higher upfront cost and slightly longer installation time. In the long run, you’ll have a much better and longer lasting product and your lifetime cost will be lower with concrete.

If you’re ready to have your commercial or residential concrete pavement installed, give Ellis Brothers a call today or stop by and see us in Mt Vernon Ohio.

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